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Weird Cams

» "The Vampire Tales!" Web Cam  
Cam featuring author of "The Vampire Tales!" web site.

» 10usCam  
cam + weblog/lifelog/weirdnewslog

» Aaalsmeerweg UniTed...  
4 walls, 4 students.. no windows.. total anarchy... refreshes every second

» Aalsmeerweg LIVE  
Amsterdam, the famous Aalsmerweg...4 students...4 walls 1 window...

» Aamsterdam Student Union Mercurius.  
2 streaming webcams at a student Union in the centre of amsterdam, Holland

» Amazing CowCam  
Located at our corporate offices in metropolitan Alloway, New Jersey

» An ultimate webcam !  
The most strange webcam on the net !

» AntCams  
Live AntCams

» Black Star Beer: Live photos  
Live photos from the Great Northern Brewing Company, Whitefish, Montana

» BrewCam Home  
Welcome to Brew Cam! Beer brewing and more!

» Camsterdam  
Visit Camcity!

» Computer StewCam  

» fluffybunnys  
three webcams in three states. hosts chat and interact with visitors.

» Frontier Flying Service WebCam  
welcome to Frontier Flying Service, Alaska

» Garber Restoration House  
Views from the restoration house at the Smithsonian Institution,National Air and Space Museum

» Hot Toads! Shrunken Head Cam!  
It's gross. It's weird. But who is it going to look like? Webcam is live 24/7 and features a new head every two weeks.

» Las Vegas Wedding Cam  
Live Images of Weddings From Las Vegas

» Live CANNABIS webcam  
See for yourself how CANNABIS grows ! ! ! !

» Live frogs all the time!  
Spot the Red Eyed Tree Frog's. They are in there somewhere. At the moment "Robin" and "Kermit" are almost two months old and are getting bigger each day.

» Live IncubationCam  
Classroom Salmon Egg Incubation Program

» Llama farm  
Watch llamas close up on the barn porch (cam 1) or under the loafing shed (cam 2.) Feeding time is usually around 2 to 3 pm eastern time, when the human handlers can sometimes be seen!

» Mole Cam  
He's FAST, He's Dirty, He's Rampant, and He's in OUR Lawn!

» NY-Taxi.com  
Live from the seat of the internet Cab in NY City.

» Shrunken Head Cam!  
Watch over the next two weeks as this apple shrinks and becomes somebody famous.

» Signal Studios  
Check out are studio cam

» Skate Zoo Web Cam  
Crazy live web cam of skateboarders in MI.

» starin' at tha world thru my rearview...  
take a glimpse into the life of your not so average 17 year old, watch as he tries to amuse the world on his computer (well not really...) he does have lots of hot friends though!

» Students Online - Living Cam  
A weird studentshouse..........

» Tarantula Cam!  
Welcome to the Tarantula Cam Live!!!

» The Loch Ness LIVE-CAM  
The image updates every 120 seconds (a great deal of enhancement work is taking place between 10 Jan - 16 Jan 2000. Please keep checking back as this upgrade is completed.

» The Nerdman Show!  
This is the real life Truman Show.

» The Wacky Ferret-Cam!  
The picture is updated every 45 seconds via a live video camera. If you're lucky you might catch a glimpse of the mysterious and elusive Mustela furo (the domesticated Ferret), rarely seen!

» Trula.com  
monkey cam

» U2 Fan Cams & Blogs  
Just how weird are U2 Fans and followers? Come see! Live cams, and online journals, a kewl fan site come over and PLUG IN!

» University of South Carolina Roach Camera  
These giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches (Gromphadorhina portentosa) at the University of South Carolina are excellent mothers, for an insect at least!



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